Licensed Insolvency Trustees

Commercial bankruptcy

Mallette Redressement financier is there to support you through the difficult times when a company goes bankrupt. We understand that putting an end to operations is a difficult decision to make. Our experts will help you get through this period while minimising the risks for administrators. With our experienced and professional team, we will ensure that your case is handled in an integrated manner to maximise your company's assets and the dividends available to your creditors.

We offer specialised services for businesses that are experiencing major financial difficulties and need to wind down their operations. Whether you are faced with declining profitability or a lack of recovery options, we are here to guide you through every step of the bankruptcy process, ensuring that you understand your responsibilities as an administrator and minimising personal risk. With our in-depth knowledge of the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, we ensure optimal management of your assets to maximise dividends for your creditors. When things go wrong, we can make the difference by offering you a highly-personalised service and helping you through this difficult period with professionalism and empathy.

What we offer

Our experienced and professional team offers a full range of services for companies in bankruptcy:

  • Assessment of the company's financial situation

  • Development of a bankruptcy management plan

  • Liquidation of assets

  • Communication with creditors

  • Analysis and advice relating to the administrator's legal responsibilities

  • Maximisation of dividends for creditors

Frequently asked questions

When should a company consider bankruptcy?

When a company is experiencing major financial difficulties and there is no prospect of a viable recovery, it is time to consider bankruptcy.

What are the risks for directors when a company goes bankrupt?

Directors may be held personally liable for certain debts of the bankrupt company. It is important to call on experienced professionals to minimise these risks.

How do you maximise dividends for creditors in a bankruptcy?

By calling on business bankruptcy experts like Mallette Redressement financier, you can ensure optimal management of the company's assets, thereby maximising the dividends available to creditors.

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